NP Core Competences

1. Why are the selected competencies important?

The healthcare system has much to offer to the society with the primary objective being the delivery of high-quality healthcare services to the people. Therefore, the healthcare system does not just recommend nurse practice as a profession but professionalism from the participants. Organizations such as AANP bolster the three competencies of advanced nursing: leadership, coaching and collaboration to facilitate the provision of high-quality healthcare services to the clients. Each competence has its benefits about the provision of services. However, in sum these competencies have the capacity to develop communication, knowledge, experience and skills of the nurse practitioners in the delivery of healthcare services. These competencies link the nurse practitioners and the nurses in leadership, peer and follower matrix that works together to commandeer joint effort in the delivery of high-quality healthcare services to the society (Hayes & Kalmakis, 2007). Leadership, coaching and collaboration assists in the improvement and development of the services provided by nurses and nurse practitioners.

2. How will mastery of the competencies improve your practice?

Mastery of the three competencies: leadership, coaching, and collaboration create better insight on the practices expectations as a nurse practitioner. There is much to learn about the delivery of healthcare services as a nurse practitioner as well as the people in the industry. The knowledge and skills obtained will increase my proficiency in the delivery of high-quality healthcare services as well as management. The mastery of the three competencies will improve my dexterity in handling situations and people in the field of practice. They will help me relate to those around me and influence them appropriately towards the creative and comprehensive healthcare services to the patients. The knowledge and skills obtained through the mastery of these competencies will also assist in the development of a goals targets and vision for the activities I will undertake. These are essential in the extended growth in the field of practice.

3. How can you continue to develop the competencies after graduation?

Graduation does not stop the learning process there is still much to get learned after graduation. There are numerous experiences in the actual field that help bolster the three competencies of advanced nursing. Therefore, actively engaging in the real field of practice will help me develop the three competencies. Other than participating in the area of practice selecting a role model as well as a mentor and thoroughly assessing their qualities and how they work would considerably help develop the competencies after graduation. Engaging with these mentors creates an opportunity to receive insight that would contribute to improving the competencies (McArthur, 2006). Last but not least, colleagues and peers have a lot to offer; therefore, I would actively interact with them exchanging concepts and ideas on how to improve the three competencies (Bridges, 2014).

Press release and fact sheet

Throughout the ten years of operation in the retail industry, our performance has been on a steady increase due to advanced use of technology throughout the stores. We make and will continue to have significant investments in our people and technology. The investments are crucial to our current and future success as an Organization. In Simple words, it is the right thing to do to ensure a steady growth in our revenues. It makes us introduce yet another service on cashless transaction module running on the mobile devices.

Throughout our history, we introduce cashless transaction services that run on the mobile platform. It is unique in its kind and user-friendly since it requires simple browsers to access. Long gone are the days when customers queued to make their payments for the acquired products. They need convenience and fast access to the services they require. Think about that. It saves time and enhances security. No one has access to your financial information unless under your authorization. At the core of the new service, is the goal of Jades All in One Chain Store in growth: The organization seeks to provide the best customer experience in all their transactions. It does not matter how the customer chooses to shop with us since it will be easy, secure, and faster than all the other available services. In light of the cashless transaction service, customers will use their mobile handsets to access the organizational portal, make their orders, complete the transaction, and receive their requests. It is easy and convenient.

Many people wonder how the service works, but it utilizes sophisticated technologies that allow the mobile device capture the details of their smart cards, and connect to the Store’s servers to complete the transaction. The customer requires authorizing the transaction using their fingerprint authentication that makes it hard for fraudsters to attack. The services run on all our stores and supermarkets since we value our customer’s experience. The benefits to the organization are immense. As the customers receive maximum satisfaction, the organization will increase its revenues by 25 percent within the first half of the year. Our transformational agenda is clear, and we endeavor to have the customers as the major beneficiaries. Thus, the introduction of the cashless transaction platform that allows the mobile device to capture the details of the smart cards and use fingerprint authorization is among the many transformative agendas.

We will continue to invest in our people and technology since it forms the basis of our existence. It is our endeavor to ensure that customers get the best shopping experiences in the most secure and conducive environment. Thus, we strive to lead in making such investments since we value our customers. The increased use of technology makes it easy for customers to adapt to the changes and embrace the idea. Most of other major operators in the Industry are using the service but in a different way to us. It places us at a competitive advantage since new ideas and services start from Jades All in One Collection Chain Store. We strive for best customer experience and satisfaction in a bid to be the pace setters in the retail industry.

Shopping experiences have never been easy than when using the cashless method. The customer has a guarantee of getting the best service and in the most efficient way possible. Our investments in the redesigned stores are a proof of the commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction. The optimism about our future stems from various issues. We have a unique position to win the future of retail. Our associates ensure that there is the difference on a daily basis that boosts our performance. We run the organization well today that gives us an opportunity to make investments for the future. We strive our best to give the customers what they want in ways that impact their lives. The actions taken are not easy, but they strengthen us and provide a basis for attaining the future aspirations in providing the best and most convenient customer experience through cashless transaction services.

Notes for Editors
You can find the complete story and other supporting materials like customer satisfaction forms, pictures, and new service architecture from our website under News and Resources category.

Contact: You can contact us via the email address [email protected] Our telephone number for day and night is (541) 745-3011 to reach


Jades-All in One Collection Chain Store
Telephone: (541) 745-3011

By Smith Morrison

Who: Jades-All in One Collection Chain Store operates several stores that sell home products ranging from foodstuffs, clothing, electronics, and other assorted products. We started in 2005 and had had transformations throughout the years to achieve our mission, goals, and visions. We embrace technology and instill it in our operations to ensure that the customers get value for their money.

What: We are introducing a new service that involves a cashless transaction platform that will run on the mobile devices. The service has been on the pilot for six months, and it proves to be effective in enhancing efficiency in our service delivery to the customers. The value of the new service is evident on the basis of increasing customer satisfaction and experience. The service involves the use of mobile devices in capturing the details of the smartphones and using the fingerprint identification to authorize a transaction.

Why: The main reason for introducing the service is increasing efficiency in service delivery to our customers. We embrace technology and ensure that we invest in people who make us who we are in the retail Industry. We seek to enhance customer satisfaction, and shopping experiences by use of the cashless transaction platform since most of our customers have an easy access to the mobile devices. The key to the success of the new service is because of its contribution to enhancing security in financial transactions. Our transformative agenda on the advanced use of technology aligns with our goals and objectives.

Where: The new service will roll out in all our stores located in the United States and the Stores in China. However, the implementation of the new service will be in phases in all the other Nations where our Stores are within two years. The service runs on a secure network and requires the users to be present in the Stores to make their transactions successful.

When: The new service is already in operation in many Stores that we operate even though the official launch is scheduled immediately after the press release. The essence of the cashless transaction service is to enhance efficiency, and hence, its implementation is ready. The service will be operational for 24 hours a day in the busy places and others will run for the daytime hours only.

How: The cashless transaction service runs on all the mobile devices that can capture the details of the smart cards using decoding software that links with the Central Server in the Stores. The customer requires taking their items and then using their mobile devices to make the financial transactions. The service runs on the devices as long as they have the decoding software to capture the financial details on the smart cards.

How Much: The introduced service cost the organization $ 1.5, Million. It is a sustainable figure due to its potential for increasing the revenues by 25 percent in the first half of the year. Since the new service saves on time, it results in an increase in the unit sales per hour thereby increasing the revenues significantly.

Distribution Plan
The information presented in the Fact Sheet will reach the Editors via email address. The Fact sheet also targets the customer mailings, emails, and the website as the basis for sensitizing the public of our new service on cashless transaction service.

Impact and issues of Physical Security

The world of computer is experiencing continued growth and development. However, the faster the world grows, the faster it becomes competitive and vulnerable to malicious attacks. Therefore, every business is now considering information security as one of the priority business components. IT security has become increasingly critical to business strategies and plans over the last decade because of the implementation of Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) and the Internet. The above business implementations are at risk of exploitation by unauthorized users. It has become increasingly apparent that physical security is a critical issue since the terror attacks of 9/11. Therefore, it cannot be taken lightly. It holds true for all the organizations however regardless of the size of the organization. Organizations are investing new demands and more money than before to ensure that effective measures get taken in all dimensions of physical security. Physical security should be the first line of defense in protecting computer systems against exploitation. However, the measures can cost a company large amount of money, time, and resources (Fennelly, 2012)

Physical security
Information security should be a critical area of concern and focus regardless of the size of the business. It is important to the business organization such that it can make or destroy a business organization from a competitive perspective. There are various rings of security that a business should consider when determining information security. One of the key rings of security is the physical security. Physical security ring is the least technical method that business should use to inform security exploitation. Studies have shown that intruders require minimal technical knowledge to exploit physical security in any given company. However, physical security is frequently compromised by somebody whose intentions are not malicious. For example, a company’s custodial employee is cleaning the server room of the company. The cleaner unintentionally snags the power cable of the server and unplug it from the wall. A company that has no effective physical security safeguards in place could suffer drastically from the incidence if the server shuts down. The server could malfunction when rebooted. The incidence could impact the production negatively due to downtime.

Physical security has four rings just as the information technology security has rings. The four rings are (Baker & Benny, 2012).

Areas around the organization building
The immediate area around the organization environment
Internal environment of the organization building
Human Factor
Organizations should research thoroughly, address and implement when they are incorporating information security model in the organization.

Organizations should first secure the computer hardware when strategizing on IT business security. All other security measures should build on the physical security. A company may use millions of dollars when implementing the most sophisticated IT security technologies on their servers. However, if the servers have a weak physical security, it may be an expensive undertaking. Intruders will have easy access to the servers and can damage them either maliciously or unintentionally. An organization may use thousand dollars by the installation of firewalls, virus software, and data encryption to secure the servers. However, if the organization had a shallow thought about the implementation of the physical security, anyone could access the server room easily. It gives them the luxury of exploiting the installed security controls on the servers thereby obtaining the confidential information. Additionally, the situation could lead to physical theft of the servers.

Physical security and environmental factors
Implementation of physical security model should consider environmental factors and environmental security controls. Environmental factors come into the third ring of physical security. Studies have shown that environmental hazards pose a significant security threat to an organization’s revenues. Common environmental factors include floods, fire, moisture, temperature, and electricity. All the factors could affect the IT computer components negatively. Availability and continuity of computer systems should be a key issue that organizations should consider in environmental protection. Redundancy in the availability of power is a requirement in computer systems. In case electrical power to the systems fails, there should be a ready power backup device to take up and keep the systems running. An organization can either have a UPS or generator (Baker & Benny, 2012).

Fire hazards should also get planned in protection against breach of physical security. An organization could invest in smoke alarms, heat sensors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems to address the issue. The devices could go a long way in protecting the organization against substantial damage to their systems. Temperature regulation is also critical to preventing losses from the environment. All computers should get stored in a dedicated computer room due to the fluctuation of temperatures. The room temperatures should get set to the suitable temperatures and humidity. Additionally, water could also damage to computer systems. Water could come from leakages or internal sprinkler systems. The rooms need water detector equipment and readily available water-proof covers in case of a water hazard incident (Baker & Benny, 2012).

Physical security and human factors
Human-related issues are one of the factors for computer system exploitation. Statistics has shown that most of computer system exploitations originate from within an organization regardless of whether it is intentional or unintentional. An organization should incorporate a perimeter wall to deter unauthorized access to their premises through surveillance cameras, fences, and utilizing security personnel. The mechanisms could get used to securing the immediate areas around the organization. Additionally, employees should receive training on the areas security awareness. Such training will enable the employees to report suspicious acts happening on the premises or the premises. Other methods that will secure the internal environment include using the door locks, implementation of access codes in critical areas, motion detectors, magnetic card swipes, and biological recognition (Roper, 1997).

Installation of complex authorization methods may not be enough. The organization should consider other ways that unauthorized users may access the premises such as social engineering, windows, and air ducts. Access through such methods does not require detection, authorization, or prevention. The methods should get researched depending on the need of an organization and the availability of funds. Access from authorized internal users can get prevented by incorporation of the above discussed environmental precautions (Roper, 1997).

IT departments add tremendous value to the organization when they support the physical security of the systems. An organization could find itself spending thousands of dollars on anti-virus, firewalls, and other intrusion prevention systems if its physical security is shambolic. An ineffective physical security will only see the organization’s confidential data stolen even if it may use all the resources in implementing other measures that are secondary to data and information protection

Reading and writing

Learning how to read and write
My early years in school were tough. I did not love going to school because I had to wake up very early in those chilly mornings. I also found class work boring, but the part I loved most about school was my friends and the numerous games we played after the end of classes. Therefore, my relationship with a school in my early childhood years was that of love-hate. I enjoyed most the creative games we played with my friends whom I still remember to this day. My class work performance during those years was pathetic. I mean pathetic because I did not understand anything in class. I was only looking forward to breaks, Physical Exercises (PE) time and after school hours at three p.m.

I feared English lessons because I found it very difficult to comprehend dictations, Grammar, and Spelling. Since English class was my problem, it also meant I trailed among the lowest performing students at the end of term classes. Sometimes I was the last in class. I remember going home with the end of term report for the end of grade 3 with the poorest grades in my class. I was the last student even after repeating the class for another whole year. It was the day my dad beat me up thoroughly with his belt saying I was wasting his money for my education yet I was a good for nothing kid. My mom came to my rescue.

In grade four I was taken to a boarding school. That is the year I started to like school. I started to be serious about my class work and found a lot of support from my teachers who helped me to read and write. I became articulate in my reading of the English language. My teacher Mrs. Philomena White was very encouraging. We spent lots of time after school in her office helping me read words in a novel or textbooks. I can remember how my school performance improved drastically in the mid-term exams as though something that was covering my brain had been removed. Mrs. Philomena also helped me study through the group work reading and discussions that she had formed for our class. I learned a lot from my group members like Rebecca, George, Linda, and Mathew whom I can remember. They were well conversant with the English language. They could read clearly remembering to pause when there is a comma or full stop. Their reading tone also matched that of the author in reading sentences as questions, or stating their exclamations or any other sound and tonal effects that were in the writing. They made reading be an interesting activity. I still consider them my role models for most of them have now become authors of novels and other reading materials in their various fields. Reading time became such a blast moment.

I could comprehend the materials I read even without support from my teachers or peers. Before I went to bed, I had something interesting from the library that helped me to sleep. I started reading other subjects like science, geography, history and sciences more intensely. These were my most favorite subjects. I loved books on these subjects as well as other English story books that had lessons in them. I believe that the storybooks helped me to learn the human virtues such as forgiveness, loyalty, and friendship. In my dormitory, I could read to my friend sleeping next to me and within no time the number of my fellow students surrounding me to listen to my bedtime stories had increased to almost twenty students. It is how we formed our first reading club whereby I helped other students to know how to read.

Learning writing was not as difficult as learning how to read. It is because I could read a paragraph without understanding what it meant or failing to understand the real meaning that the author is trying to communicate. Pronunciation of some words were very difficult such as “scissors’, knife, know, ask, wore, were, and ox. There were also the tongue twisters such as, “she sells seashells by the seashore”, and Peter Piper did pick pack full of pickled peppers, or Susie sat by the shoe shine shop. I could not manage to pronounce these words even in slow motion. With writing, I was well familiar with the letters of the alphabet that I had known during my kindergarten years. However, a good writer has to be a reader. During dictations, I had poor scores. It is because I did not know how to spell words. For example in spelling scissors, I wrote seizers. For the word ‘journey’, I wrote Jani, puppy -Papi.

I managed to overcome my written communication problems when I became a good reader. My teachers in the boarding school I joined like Mrs. White and others managed to identify my mistakes and gave me suggestions on how to improve my literacy. They guided me in making use of grammar knowledge, phonic skills and context in accurately spelling written words. For example, I could not differentiate a ship and sheep even by looking at the context I which they are used. However, through my teacher ‘s support I started knowing that ship is for the sea while sheep is for wool or meat or the sheep is for eating grass. Teachers also helped me through their follow-up learning activities that helped me to consolidate the whole learning process. Through contextualizing of dictations, I managed to understand how a language is a communicative tool, and this helped me to progress in my learning targets.

Activity time in my kindergarten was full of fun. We worked with colorful alphabets and crafts. Each student in our kindergarten class had a memory box. Mine was blue with yellow flowers. I loved alphabets during the activity time. It was fun, and I could learn something new. I enjoyed the class because it was a hands-on activity that included coloring the letters of the alphabet and placing what it stands for on its side. For example, I could color letter a red and then place an Apple Next to it. For letter B, I colored it yellow and placed a banana next to it.

The same applies to letter Y and tying a yarn on that letter. I enjoyed those classes because we always had an activity to do every day. The class arrangement was in small groups of 4 to 5 students. In these groups, we could discuss our favorite city, town or food type that starts with a certain letter like M. There was another day that the kindergarten teacher came with plenty engraved beads. Each of them had the letters of the alphabet. The beads were colorful with all the colors of the rainbow. She told us to join the beads with a string with each bead having the letters of our names. The beads were so colorful that one of the students swallowed one maybe imagining it to be a sweet. That was the end of beadwork in class because the teacher got terrified. However, I love work to this very day, and I hope to share with my kids someday. It is interesting ways of making kids learn the spelling of their names or their pet’s names.

By the end of the 4 grade, I was among the top students in my class. My best subjects were history, English, science, social studies, and language arts. My parents could not believe my results. My dad was so pleased that he bought me a yellow bicycle that I loved. I forgave him for the beating he gave me the previous year. Since then reading and writing have been part of me. I read and write on a daily basis. I no longer fear exams or reading comprehension tests.

My learning on how to read and write did not stop during the school holidays. I spent lots of time playing scrabble at home with my family members and friends. The game was a real educational tool because it helped me improve my vocabulary, and it helped in breeding a healthy competition. The Scrabble game helped me start liking spelling and spelling tests. I came up with spelling lists and corrected the words that I misspelled. I always consider the scrabble game to be for smart people like me, and it is one of the best learning tools for classrooms. It is a game that I still play to this very day because it has enabled me to have a sports activity alongside basketball. Scrabble also helps to encourage conversations. When I started playing, Scrabble I did not know it was an educational activity because it has no tension in the air. I still find them to be a great distraction of killing the long hours during school holidays. I also play with my closest friends on weekends, and we have an obsession with it.

Therefore, I can say my reading and writing knowledge did not come easy. While some of my classmates by the second grade had mastered the skills of writing, and they could comprehend any written material, mine was not the same. Many things have shaped my skills in writing and reading especially the support I got from my 4th-grade teacher Mrs. White. I appreciate her effort in taking the time to understand my reading challenges and helped me understand the meaning of a written work. I can also say that my adventure spirit mainly drove my kindergarten and early elementary school years, and I was more interested in hands-on activities with fun. I loved writing because of the fun activities, but I was still poor in spelling. Through the teachers support, I have managed to be a good reader and writer. I can now effectively communicate in written English through the support of my teachers. Reading and writing are therefore the skills that have made me be a successful person I am today.